Refining skincare standards

Effective recipes

Inspired by the current trends in skin care research, we develop products that combine the desire for mindful, nature-based cosmetics with the demand for high-performance recipes. In order to develop the most effective formulations possible, we are in close contact with scientists and dermatologists and combine innovative biochemical active ingredient combinations with proven ingredients ( INCIS ). Our goal: to establish a clear, gentle care line that protects your skin from external influences and helps it to regenerate.

Natural purity law

Painted Palms stands in the modern tradition of a responsible clean skincare movement. Natural plant substances, which are converted into gentle, bioactive active ingredients, form the heart of our recipes because exposures such as air pollution, stress or UV rays make our skin more sensitive. That's why we avoid ingredients that cause additional irritation (e.g. essential oils, ethyl alcohol), are considered to be harmful to health or have a hormonal effect according to current cosmetic standards (e.g. parabens) or have a negative effect on the environment (e.g. B. silicones, mineral oils). It goes without saying that neither animal aids nor animal “helpers” are used in production: our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Proven manufacturing processes

Intelligent skincare recipes in which every active ingredient can develop as effectively as possible are based on complex compositions. Not only must the cosmetic effect of the ingredients contained be harmoniously coordinated, the formulation of a pleasant texture is at least as important. Added to this is the shelf life: Each of our products is subjected to a stability test during the manufacturing process to ensure that the cosmetic products do not change over a defined period of time - or “tip”, similar to the storage of wine :-). All our products have a shelf life of 30 months when unopened and can be used for 6 months after opening.

Responsible production

We are a young Hamburg company and produce all of our products - from cosmetic products to the outer packaging to the shipping label - in Germany. This regional manufacturing and logistics process is very important to us. It is important to us that we only have to use short transport routes in order to keep emissions as low as possible. For this reason, when choosing our partners, we place a great deal of emphasis on sustainable manufacturing processes, we already primarily use environmentally friendly materials and are constantly working to improve in all areas or to adapt to new standards.

Good to know: Myths & misunderstandings

I. Clean Beauty

Contrary to popular belief, there is no legally defined standard for clean beauty products. Each skin care manufacturer answers the question of what the term means individually. If you want to avoid certain ingredients, it's worth taking a closer look at the INCI lists.

II. Natural cosmetics

The term natural cosmetics can also lead to misunderstandings because it is not a protected term. Active ingredients derived from nature are not inherently healthier than those produced in the laboratory; for example, they can trigger allergies. Here too, it depends on personal needs.

III. Chemistry

By the way, terms like “ chemical-free ” or “ chemical-free ” are similarly misleading. Every natural substance has a chemical formula and cosmetic manufacturing processes are fundamentally also subject to chemical processes. In this respect, nature and chemistry do not constitute a contradiction from a scientific point of view.