About Us

Painted Palms is our tribute to the courage of self-respect. A reminder that we don't need a gender label to practice self-care, and skin care is always a matter of personal well-being.

For me, the search for the right skincare was a bottomless pit for a long time. I found it difficult to distinguish promises from effectiveness and in the end I was often only moderately satisfied with my product selection. I wanted to better understand what active ingredients are good for, why certain ingredients are banned from the cosmetics industry and how the best of nature and science can be combined.

Because I travel a lot with my partner and - hand on heart - usually don't have much time for an extensive care routine, I want to be able to rely on a few very good products that we can both use on the go. At the same time, the topic of skin protection has become increasingly important to me. Our skin is exposed to many invisible stress factors such as environmental pollution, UV rays and mental stress phases, which can leave long-term traces.

Painted Palms was born from these ideas. My personal aim is to support the desire for healthy skin without overtaxing the body, mind or environment. With effective care products based on current skin care research findings and a combination of nature-based, harmless and antioxidant ingredients.

A topic that is still on my mind: that people learn to identify with authentic ideals of beauty and can look proudly in the mirror. I am far from radical self-optimization, which is why nothing is “neutral” with us – our view of things is colorful and lively, diverse and dedicated. This perspective plays a crucial role at Painted Palms – from the brand to product development.

Tina Sternberg
Founder Painted Palms


We combine the desire for responsible skin care with the demand for high-performance recipes. That's why we develop mindful, nature-based cosmetics in the modern tradition of a responsible clean skincare movement and are inspired by current skincare trends to create innovative skincare concepts.